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12:00 noon on 12/12/12 marks the unofficial launch of our newly formed design firm. Central Park Creative is the culmination of 23 years of experience and expansion at Robin Nally Design. Central Park Creative primarily engages the three areas of design we are passionate about: web, branding and print. These disciplines make up our core, they are our foundation and we will continue thrive in each area. We are also pleased and excited to announce PaperSphere, our expansion into product design and development, and a new outlet for our passion for problem solving and our creative inclination. As a result of our dedication to education, we have developed Circle Study, a formal commitment to assist students and business alike by providing valuable real-world experience in exchange for high quality design solutions.

We’ve chosen to hatch this business and to take flight with our favorite place on earth, Central Park, as a launching pad and a bed of inspiration. It’s an incredibly-realized oasis in the center of the city so natural and appropriate that it appears to have always existed here. Hence Central Park Creative, a firm whose strength is in creating design that is beautiful and functional, but most importantly, belongs.

We look forward to maintaining our standard of excellent and innovative design, and welcome you to join and to challenge us in this new venture.